3KR  BOLL / 5 x lighting experiments

PROJEKT: LIghting experiments in connection with both the master plan for lighting and for the new township Trekroner East

CLIENT:     Roskilde Kommune (Municipality)

DESIGN :   BS doing 5 experimental ligthing design, industrial, design, with use of LED, for energy savings and new ways of lighting surroundings

STATUS:   Construction period 2006-2008, but 80% still working in year 2013

1 PROBEAM (medlys) one way light on roads

2 Bollard light LED, movement detectors, DMX, surface materials

Cows don't like

light at night

3 Selfsufficient stand alone solarcell column, no grid, green energy

4 ROUNDABOUT To prevent inappropriate technical travel stop

   Dynamic and static LED light, LINE and DOT LED and orange color

5 Dynamic WARNING LED light, to prevent accidents bikes/cars

Lighting experiments in the new township to show how to make 'better, cheaper lighting' with LED

and most of all, to raise safety and security for the inhabitants