Sustainable lighting for UN-event

PROJEKT:  Proto type II, stand alone solar cell columns launched at the UN meeting in December 2009 - small ligting plan at the Bella Center

CLIENT:      Bella Center, COP15, Copenhagen and Alfred Priess A/S, Denmark

DESIGN:     Proposal and 1:1 test and urban design

STATUS:    Completed for the event - and made a permanet installation at the Bella Center and Bella Sky Hotel

In connection with COP15, the UN Climate Change Summit – December 2009 it is planned to place 19 prototype II of BS SOLAR columns (now Touché) standalone solar mast as flanking the main entrance to the Bella Center in Copenhagen – and  as noble hall of the world's top executives. The project has become a permanent installation due to the great interest.

Sustainable Design - integrated solar cells, high tech product with all nessecary monitoring buildt in to the single column.

From 1. prototype in Trekroner to 2. at Bella Center, Copenhagen.

Sustainable Design - green thinking